Yellow-blue boom
The project was created in 2018
"When Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, the flag was outlawed and before 1949 there was no official state flag until adoption of the red-azure flag of the Ukrainian SSR. People who hoisted the blue-yellow flags in the Soviet Ukraine were prosecuted as criminals. The blue and yellow flag was provisionally adopted for official ceremonies in September 1991 following Ukrainian independence, before finally officially being restored on 28 January 1992 by the parliament of Ukraine." - Wikipedia
March 14, 1990, the first official elevation of the Ukrainian flag, Stryj, Ukraine
The first official elevation of the Ukrainian flag
In winter 2014 "The Revolution of Dignity" took place in Ukraine, and in the spring of the same year there were the forcible annexation of Crimea to Russia (March), the decommunization and the beginning of the war in eastern part of Ukraine (April). The country literally has began to disintegrate. The story was repeated - Ukrainians felt the
dominance of Russia again, which for many decades destroyed what they have always struggled for - their independence. As a result, the state "exploded" a phenomenon that people called "zhovto-blakytnyi boom" ("yellow-blue boom"). The coloring / marking of the general and private space in the colors of the national flag was a way of "protecting the attacker", a kind of desperate cry and in a hyperbolic form of emphasizing that Ukrainians are a separate nation and a separate country, which they will always defend and fight for.

The first painted objects were bridges. They became a symbol of unity of Ukraine, seams, which did not let it plunge into pieces. But very quickly these colors covered all of the Ukraine: houses, yards, playgrounds, trees, fences, bus stops and even garbage cans. The fact that at the beginning was a manifestation of patriotism subsequently
turned into a fashionable flash mob and lost its true value.

After these events 10 years passed. The paint began to peel off and
this phenomenon disappears as symbolically as it has appeared. The war is still going on. And yellow-blue objects became the usual part of its landscape.
For me, this was a sort of symbolism, such as the unification of Ukraine, especially bridges. Two shores are united by a yellow-and-blue bridge, like seams all over Ukraine, which do not let it break apart, turn into pieces.
I have organized my friends in Kozubivka, and we have painted columns above the road. These columns have never been colored at all, and here it turned out so well – this road is between the ponds and these colored columns look very nice.
The matter that I have realized the fact that we have our country, that we must love it and it is so cool to express this love in such way.
When people have died for this country at the Maidan, they have definitely realized that they were something more than just a mass of people. That is, we are worth of somebody has give his or her live for us. It sounds rude, but it is.

- Eduard Krutko, 22 years old, Kozubivka village
I think it's immoral and you must not to do this project. I advise you.
Well it's in every yard is... it's something hard to understand. This is when something proves the feeling of patriotism, but that's absolutely not there. Vandals. It has always been that the flag is holy. And if it is saint it is not allowed to paint its colors on the dirty doors of the cellars, where the people are trampling and the dogs are urinating.
I consider it impossible to do this. They went crazy. Monuments are destroyed. And these all is "to be continued".
It's all has began with the fact that they became mad with this "yellow-blue" and they have destroyed the monument of Lenin and the monument of Dzerzhinsky and the monument of Vatutin and Zhukov. But Bandera is everywhere and basically all the people do not understand this. And Poland does not agree with this. See the disagreements that have appeared between Poland and Ukraine. Why do they need to do this? That's how they said at the Stalin's times that they are enemies if the people, and, between us girls, I say that what they are real enemies of the people. Because they destroy us just that's all.
Nastya, I do not understand this. I do not understand those people. What for?

If this is the expression of love the flag will not be at the basement. You must take
a picture of something more exalted.
I thought I was going to admire and you have shown me these.
- My grandmother, 80 years old, Kremenchug
New Flag of Ukraine by Feng Shui
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