Anastasiia Nekypila (b. 1996 in Kremenchuk, Ukraine) - visual artist. Through her art, she tells stories: personal, other people's, her homeland's and the world's. It's like she is having a personal conversation with each viewer. It is important for Anastasiia that her art causes self-reflection. She brings a visual language to the feelings that live in the background of consciousness and are often carefully hidden.

Anastasiia likes to experiment with images, meanings, and different media. In the moment when she creates art Anastasiia becomes a child who curiously explores herself and the world. She paints in a figurative style, plays with "mistakes" in her works, signs objects in paintings and combines seemingly incompatible materials. Also, Anastasiia does photography and jewelry.

Furthermore, she adores Ukrainian culture and strives to carry it through everything she does in the creative field. Anastasiia often mixes elements and symbols from folk art. She thinks that everyone can draw strength for new achievements from their homeland (even from a distance) and share it with everyone who wants to feel it.

In 2018, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Faculty of Graphic Arts, bachelor's diploma in major Photography-Intermedia. Her artwork was presented in Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. Because of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, she temporarily lives and works in the UK.


email: annekipelaya@gmail.com

Short Documentary by Siobhan Bahl
The war in Ukraine continues and each day more refugees are resettled in the UK from all walks of life. Meet Anastasiia Nekypila, an artist from Kremenchuk now living in England.

Through her artwork we navigate the in-between space of force migration. What language can describe the experience of war? Of displacement? Of waiting for return? On the one hand she is physically in England, ordinary, safe, but emotionally and mentally she often returns to Ukraine, painful, chaotic, existing in both worlds at the same time. The war continues and the ripping apart of families, senses self and the ordinary continues. But many like Anastasiia are using their gifts, drawing on their experiences as fuel to fire their activism, and their intense pride in being Ukrainian. ⁣Nurtured by her new English home she is reaching back to her voice. Her work celebrates the bright hope of the Ukrainian people while finding the space to convey the feeling of watching one’s country being attacked from afar. Her art is her language.
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